Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Traveling to Uganda

Elliot and I made it safely to Kampala after a 32 hour bus ride from Dar. The bus ride started out good but deteriorated rather quickly. We had to switch buses about 8 hours into the ride to a bus that had seatbelts, since they are required in Kenya but not in Tanzania. We also switched drivers from a good one to a mad man. The roads got worse once we crossed into Kenya. They became very narrow and full of pot holes. Passing oncoming trucks was quite tricky as there was barely enough room for both vehicles, and apparently slowing down to reasonable speed was not an option. We got to Nairobi, in Kenya, around midnight and after switching drivers and a sort break we left. Outside of Nairobi the roads got worse and our new driver drove even faster. Around 6 the next morning after abusing the tires one to many times on the pot holes we got a flat tire. After fixing that we resumed our trip and made it to the border with Uganda. After crossing into Uganda we breathed a sigh of relief as the roads were paved (with no pot holes) and there were even lines painted on them! But our relief was short lived as soon the pavement disappeared almost completely and the crazy driving on partially paved mostly dirt roads continued. So no one was surprised (except maybe the driver) when we got another flat tire. With our only spare being used we were forced to continue on with only the five good tires instead of six. Fortunately Kampala was close and we made it to the city without further incident. However, being driven all the way to the bus terminal was too much to ask as we ran out fuel before reaching the bus stand. Elliot and I took the opportunity to leave the bus for good and hopped into a taxi. We stayed in Kampala for two bights before heading to the town of Mityana about 50 kilometers west of Kampala. Pictures and video will be posted once I return to the States in a couple weeks.

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PoppaJ said...

That bus ride story is too funny! Hope your down time was worth the adventure!