Sunday, August 19, 2007


On Tuesday, Abbas and I visited the community of Lusaula, which is about two miles southwest of the Lundamatwe School, but still within the village of Lundamatwe. Abbas and I spent a few hours in this part of Lundamatwe talking to residents. We found that many of the residents of this part of Lundamatwe had similar views about education and similar desires for their kids. Many of the people, especially those older than 40, had only gone to four years of school, as that was the norm then. However, they all felt that getting an education was much more important now and that they wanted their kids to attend at the seven years of primary school and at least four years of secondary school, despite the costs of secondary school being about ten times more per year. It was not only a good chance for us to make Project Kesho’s presence known in a different part of the village, but it was also a good chance for us to learn about the needs and desires of the people there as well. The following pictures were taken just north of Lusaula looking south. The village of Lundamatwe extends all the way to the base of the ridge. On top of the ridge is the village of Ibofwe. Ibofwe is where I had a homestay with some villagers in 2000 during my study abroad in Tanzania. The following two pictures are zoomed in on Lusaula with Ibofwe in the background. In this last pictures you can just make out the road that snakes its way up the ridge to Ibofwe. We would find out in a couple days just how steep and narrow the road is.

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