Tuesday, August 07, 2007

July 31-August 7

After seeing the group off at the airport, Elliot and I stayed in Dar to renew our quest to find the perfect motorcycle (at least the perfect one within our budget). We had started out our search the week before when we were in Dar to drop Cathi off at the airport and had found one that we liked. We hired a mechanic to check the bike out before purchasing it, which turned out to be a wise choice as the bike had numerous problems that we had not noticed before. In fact all the bikes at this shop had problems, but fortunately the mechanic new of another shop. So we took a taxi across town, through traffic much like below, to the shop. After checking out numerous bikes we found one that we liked that looks similar to the following picture. I also added some character to the bike by dropping it...twice--once on each side just to be fair. With the registration for the bike going to take at least a week we headed back to Iringa to see how things were going. We were pleasantly surprised to see that both the bathrooms and the classroom painting were completed! Thanks again to the Project Kesho donors for making this a reality for the students at the school! Completed girls bathroom. This building has 8 new bathrooms for girls, bringing the total to 16 for the girls and 16 for the boys. Elliot with Abbas, our translator, and the Headmaster of the Lundamatwe Primary School. Students in the science classroom with the new paintings on the back wall. The back wall was previously bare cement, but it is now a useful teaching medium.

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Mom and Dad H. said...

What a great accomplishment the completion of the girls bathroom is. Outstanding!