Sunday, August 19, 2007


Since Elliot had arrived on Wednesday with his new ride, we decided to put it use to visit other parts of Lundamatwe that were impractical for us to walk to (and back) in a day. So in the morning the three of us (Elliot, Abbas and I) piled onto Elliot’s motorcycle. I’m told that I need to get a picture of this and post it which I will do soon. I’ll admit that it looks pretty funny, especially to people in the village as they do a double take when they realize that not only are two white people on one bike but that there is an African sandwiched in between them. On Wednesday we road out past Lusaula to the community of Isole, which is at the base of the ridge you can see in previous pictures posted below (its right below the road that leads to Ibofwe). We spent a few hours talking to villagers there and then we attempted to ride up to Ibofwe. We got a ways up before the road got to steep and Abbas and I were forced to walk up a particularly steep section. I have some good video of Elliot trying to ride up it that will be posted soon. While he was trying to do that I snapped the following picture looking north over Lundamatwe. You can see the road snake back to the center of Lundamatwe. The village extednds to the low mountains in the back of the picture (about 10-12 miles away).

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