Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Matt's Project Kesho Thoughts

Hey “Yall.” My name is Matt and I wanted to share my current thoughts on our time here in Iringa, Tanzania. I never realized how much preparation time we would actually need here as we are not just helping the schools of Lundamatwe and Ulonge but each of the communities of amazing people surrounding these schools. We have met with teachers, Headmasters, local government as well as talked with countless number of kids and families about our purpose here and the help that we wish to be. As Cathi mentioned earlier, we started our teaching experiences with some Standard 4 students by teaching English Time. As a College student, I now have even more appreciation for teachers dealing with teaching new topics to young students (and I feel sorry for my Elementary School teachers that had to teach a 7 yr. old me…) But the next few days we are assigned to help at different primary schools (me at Ulonge Primary School) to see what is being taught, how it is currently taught and how we can add to the teaching of English or improve the quality of English spoken with the teachers and the students. I am so excited. I will get to know personally a group of students over the next few weeks in attempts to make some friends, help with English and learn more about their lives as well. After spending this past February to May in Kenya, it is great to be back here amidst smiling faces and Kiswahili language to be apart of another welcoming community. Our Project is going well and we plan to break ground on a bathroom at one of the schools this coming weekend. Thank you for your time and be sure to stay updated with all that we are accomplishing here in the Southern Hemisphere. I also felt like I should add a little Kiswahili lesson to acclimate you to Tanzanian Culture: Hujambo … Hello Sijambo … Hello (response to ‘Hujambo’) Habari yako? … How are you? Nzuri sana … Very good. Ahsante sana … Thank you very much! Kwaheri … Goodbye Jina lako ni nani? … What is your name? Jina langu ni (insert name here)… My name is ________ Ninatoka America. … I come from America. Niko hapa kusaidia elimu ya watoto wa Iringa. … I am here to help the education of the Iringa children. Ningekupenda kuwa na elimu na kesho bora. … I would like you to have an education and a better tomorrow. Thank you for your support and interest and tutazungumza tena hivi karibuni (we will talk again soon!)

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Lauren said...

Loved the post Matt... Thanks for the lessons! I trust you are all having great conversations with the locals and I'm glad to hear you will be breaking ground for the bathrooms.

I hope you are all doing well, eating plenty and feeling good. I think of you all each morning and each night and know that because of you, the people of Iringa, Tanzania will have a better tomorrow!

Love you guys!!!